What we do...

Product Placement.  Branded Integrations. 

Iconic Entertainment is a Branded Integration agency specializing in Product Placement and Promotions with global entertainment properties.

It is our long-term goal to become the preferred Branded Integration agency for national and international brands into a diverse range of entertainment channels (e.g. Feature Films, Television Series, Video Games, Music Videos, and Emerging Media Platforms) and will look to extend/exploit the integrations through organic PR and Promotions.

Our firm is not interested in simply producing a service for our clients. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with them so that the delivery of their message becomes a seamless, thought-provoking experience for the audience that engenders action—namely, sales.

Our goal is to provide a level of service consistent with the brand and to build brand fans with the people who produce content as well as those who consume content. 

Consumers are harder to reach but still spontaneously want to be emotionally challenged…

to dream…to be told stories…to be entertained.

Film Highlights

A snapshot of recent film integrations.

Our Clients

From script to screen, we’ve produced billions of dollars in media value for our clients.

Meet our team

Over 18 years experience in product placement.

Arden Doss

President & CEO

Sara Dean

Vice President / Brand Architect


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Iconic Entertainment

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